Special Episode: Laurence O’Keefe on the True Origins of Festivus


Happy Festivus to all who celebrate! On today’s episode, Matt is in conversation with the writer behind such shows as “Bat Boy,” “Heathers,” and Matt’s beloved “Legally Blonde.” However, Laurence O’Keefe is not joining BroadwayRadio to talk about those shows (although Matt, obviously, does pivot the conversation to them eventually), but instead to talk about his family’s peculiar tradition that became a pop culture phenomenon and an endearing addition to the holiday season for millions of people. 

Matt and Larry discuss the true origins of Festivus and how this weird holiday that was started by his father — and hated by him and his brothers — became one of the most enduring episodes of one of the most popular shows in television history. 

Then, of course, they discuss the enduring appeal of “Legally Blonde,” the recent live capture of “Heathers,” and Laurence invites Matt to a Renaissance Fair!

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