All The Drama: “Why Marry?”, 1918 Winner, Pulitzer Prize for Drama

All The Drama is hosted by Jan Simpson. It is a series of deep dives into the plays that have won The Pulitzer Prize for Drama. The Pulitzer Prize for Drama: Why Marry? “Why Marry?” Wikipedia page Playwright Jesse Lynch Williams Wikipedia page Triangle Club at Princeton (which was co-founded read more

BroadwayRadio Special: Interview with Adam Szymkowicz, Life of a Playwright

James Marino speaks with Adam Szymkowicz about making a life as a playwright. Guest: Adam Szymkowicz, Playwright   ADAM SZYMKOWICZ’s plays have been produced throughout the U.S., and in Canada, England, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Greece, Mexico, Turkey, South Korea, Thailand, Slovenia and Lithuania. His work has been read more