Special Episode: Matt’s New York Trip Schedule


This episode was originally recorded as part of Friday’s episode of “Today on Broadway,” featuring Matt and Jenn. However, thanks to the late-breaking “Wicked” casting news, we cut it so that it could be its own episode here in the feed. 

Since recording, Matt has confirmed his “Baby” tickets and gotten tickets to see Marisha Wallace at The Green Room 42 on Sunday, Nov. 7. 

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Sunday, Nov. 7
2:00pm: Lackawanna Blues on Broadway
4:00pm: Seth’s Broadway Breakdown Off-Broadway
7:00pm: Clyde’s on Broadway
9:30pm: Marisha Wallace cabaret concert

Monday, Nov. 8
8:00pm: SIX on Broadway

Tuesday, Nov. 9
7:00pm: Caroline, or Change on Broadway
9:45pm: Antonio Cipriano cabaret concert

Wednesday, Nov. 10
7:00pm: Freestyle Love Supreme on Broadway
9:45pm: Songs of Howard Ashman cabaret concert

Thursday, Nov. 11
8:00pm: Dana H. on Broadway
9:45pm: New Works by Gaby Alter cabaret concert

Friday, Nov. 12
8:00pm: Assassins Off-Broadway

Saturday, Nov. 13
Winnie the Pooh the Musical Off-Broadway
2:00pm: Ain’t Too Proud on Broadway
5:00pm: American Utopia on Broadway
8:15pm: Baby Off-Broadway

Sunday, Nov. 14
1:30pm: Showstoppers Costume Exhibit
3:00pm: Is This A Room on Broadway
5:00pm: Tammany Hall Off-Broadway
7:00pm: A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet Off-Broadway
9:45pm: Natalie Walker cabaret concert

Monday, Nov. 15
7:00pm: Spring Awakening 15th Anniversary Reunion Concert

Tuesday, Nov. 16
8:00pm: Company on Broadway

Wednesday, Nov. 17
8:00pm: Trouble in Mind on Broadway

Thursday, Nov. 18
7:00pm: Waitress on Broadway

Friday, Nov. 19
8:00pm: Kimberly Akimbo Off-Broadway

Saturday, Nov. 20
11:00am: Americano (workshop presentation)
2:00pm: A Sherlock Carol Off-Broadway
8:00pm: Mrs. Doubtfire on Broadway

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