BroadwayRadio Patreon Special: Matt’s Take, Part 1


This is a Patreon only release! Thank you for being Patreons.

Saturday, 11/16 @ 10AM, Matt and James chat about the first five shows Matt has seen on his trip to NYC. 

11/13, 2pm: The Crucible

11/13 7:30pm: Beetlejuice

11/14, 2pm: Moulin Rouge  

11/14, 7:30pm: Evita at NYCC

11/15, 8pm Seared

These are the shows that are coming up for him. 

11/16, 2pm: Derren Brown: Secret

11/16, 8pm: The Wrong Man

11/16, 10pm: Freestyle Love Supreme

11/17, 11am: Radio City Christmas Spectacular

11/17, 3pm: Scotland, PA

11/17, 8pm: Soft Power

We will do another one of these on Monday.

Thank you!

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