This Week on Broadway for August 18, 2019: Sea Wall / A Life

Peter Filichia, James Marino, and Michael Portantiere talk about Sea Wall / A Life @ Hudson Theatre, Upcoming Little Shop and Jonathan Groff, #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment @ Westside Theatre, The Drinkwater Brothers @ Jim Caruso’s Cast Party, Rock of Ages @ New World Stages, Billy Recce’s Snowflake Jamboree! @ Feinstein’s/54 Below, and the Broadway Records recording of Anna Christie, Encompass New Theater production



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Peter Filichia | [email protected] | Facebook
PETER FILICHIA is a playwright, journalist, and historian with a number of books. His columns appear at MTIMasterworks BroadwayBroadway Select and many other places.

James Marino | [email protected] | Twitter | Facebook

Michael Portantiere | [email protected] | Facebook
MICHAEL PORTANTIERE is a theater reviewer and essayist. He is also a theatrical photographer whose photos have appeared in The New York Times and other major publications. You can see his photography work at


Notes and links for the podcast.




MP + PF + JM: Sea Wall / A Life @ Hudson Theatre, 141 West 44th Street, through September 29, 2019

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Sturridge on Sea Wall in the Summertime by Jackson McHenry (New York Magazine)
The actors in dialogue about taking their conjoined monologues to Broadway.

Little Shop of Horrors coming this fall to the West Side Theater

Jonathan Groff Sings a Voice Memo as Frozen’s Kristoff for Jimmy’s Kids (Full Version)
Jonathan Groff records a voice memo as Frozen’s Kristoff for Jimmy’s young daughters, Winnie and Franny, debuts a new line from Frozen 2 and reveals the one problem David Fincher has with him when filming their Netflix series Mindhunter.

PF: #DateMe: An OkCupid Experiment @ Westside Theatre Downstairs, 407 West 43rd Street, through September 8, 2019

MP: The Drinkwater Brothers @ Birdland Theater preview, (coming up Tuesday, August 20 at 7pm)
Michael saw them at Cast Party / Jim Caruso — did You’re Nothing Without Me (City of Angels) impromptu




PF: Rock of Ages @ New World Stages, 340 West 50th Street

— Mitchell Jarvis playing Lonny, 2,000+ performances!

PF: Billy Recce’s Snowflake Jamboree! Featuring Conor Ryan, Whitney Bashor, and more! @ Feinstein’s/54 Below, August 11, 2019
— new show at St. Lukes: A Musical about Star Wars, Composer / Lyricist Billy Recce, Tom D’Angora Bookwriter

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

A staten island blockbuster video to be exact…

Two stars wars fanatics, Scott and Taylor, write the most epic star wars musical ever! On their endless quest to perform it at comic con – a certain restraining order, that we won’t mention, stands in their way – they have opted to pefrom it on the glamorous Off-Broadway stages instead!

However, dark forces are looming over their production, and her name is Emily.


UNIRONIC LOVE SONG (Official Music Video) – Billy Recce

Billy on Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Website

MP: Broadway Record’s recording of Anna Christie, Encompass New Theater production







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The Drinkwater Brothers “You’re Nothing Without Me” from City of Angels

“MAT enters” from Broadway Record’s recording of Anna Christie

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