‘Making a Musical’ episode 1.5: ‘Invisible: The Musical’- Good, but We Won’t Tell Your Wife



In the fifth episode of the six-part first season “Making a Musical” series, Jennifer McHugh talks with three individuals who have been instrumental in the development of “Invisible: The Musical,” T.J. Dawson, Katy Sullivan, and Jonelle Allen. They will also be joined by the show’s co-creators David Hollingsworth (book) and David Orris (score).

For more information on the “Invisible” developmental process, check out:

David Orris: Twitter and Instagram- @orrisimo
David Hollingsworth: Twitter- @hollingsworthit and Instagram- @jdavidhollingsworth

T.J. Dawson | 3D Theatricals

Katy Sullivan

Jonelle Allen

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