This Week on Broadway for September 29, 2013: Peter Marks


Peter Filichia and James Marino talk with Peter Marks, chief theatre critic of the Washington Post. Reviewed: Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play @ Playwrights Horizons, Romeo and Juliet, Glass Managerie, Velocity of Autumn @ Arena Stage, Rancho Mirage @ Olney Theatre, The Morons @ Cell Theatre, and Tamar of the River @ Prospect Theatre Company.



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Peter Filichia | [email protected] | Facebook

PETER FILICHIA is a theater journalist and historian with a number of books, with Strippers, Showgirls and Sharks being his most recent. His columns appear at MTIKritzerlandMasterworks Broadway and many other places.


James Marino | [email protected] | Twitter | Facebook



Michael Portantiere | [email protected] | Facebook

MICHAEL PORTANTIERE is a theater reviewer and essayist, whose work appears at TalkinBroadwayThe Sondheim Review and BroadwayStars. He is also a photographer whose work can be seen at and many other places on the internet.


MP: Is at the Provincetown Tennessee Williams Theater Festival and will return next week!


Notes and links for the podcast.

Guest: Peter Marks

Twitter: @petermarksdrama

Washington Post



PF + PM: Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play @ Playwrights Horizons

PM + PF + JM: Romeo and Juliet @ the Richard Rodgers Theatre, 225 W 46th St

PM: Glass Managerie @ Booth Theatre, 222 W 45th St

PM: Velocity of Autumn @ Arena Stage with Estelle Parsons and Stephen Spinella

PM: Rancho Mirage @ Olney Theatre

PF: The Morons @ Cell Theatre

PF: Tamar of the River @ Prospect Theatre Company



Gwyneth Paltrow will be bringing to Broadway a musical based on the music of the The Go-Go’s. Jeff Whitty will be writing the book.

Bernadette Peters will star in A Bed and a Chair: A New York Love Affair. @ City Center, Nov. 13-17.



Post Script:



Next Week: 

Adam Kantor and Betsy Wolfe will join us to talk about The Last Five Years in Concert at 54 Below, October 16 to 19


Explicit: No




Tamar of the River

Traveling / I Float Away

Lead Vocals: Margo Seibert
Vocals: Jake Odmark, Rachel Zampelli, Margot Bassett, Evan Casey, Erika Rose , Lindsay Roberts, Matt Pearson, Jesse Carey-Beaver, Nikolas Vaughn, Amy McWilliams Piano: Gabe Mangiante
Percussion: Alvaro Perdomo

Vocals: Margo Seibert, Jake Odmark, Rachel Zampelli, Margot Bassett, Evan Casey, Erika Rose, Lindsay Roberts, Matt Pearson, Jesse Carey-Beaver, Nikolas Vaughn, Amy McWilliams, Craig Wallace
Piano: Gabe Mangiante
Percussion: Alvaro Perdomo


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