This Week on Broadway for Feb. 15, 2010: Do I Hear a Cell Phone?



Peter Filichia
Matthew Murray
Happy Now
The Pride
Through the Night (@Crossroads, New Brunswick, NJ)
Theater Talkback: I Feel Your Cellphone Pain by BEN BRANTLEY
President’s Day and Broadway
President Grover Cleveland’s Son Was Broadway Star
David Hyde Pierce coming to Broadway in La Bête
Broadway out for blood
Morbid ‘Dracula’ arises amid vampire frenzy

Michael Crawford the comedy guy?
Broadway no longer a street?
Broadway Experiment Gets Permanent Status
Even Though Stats Suggest Mayor’s Plan To Speed Up Traffic Failed, He’s Sticking With It: Cabbies Flabbergasted
Original Cast Album — Do I Hear A Waltz (Sondheim 80’s birthday coming up on March 22nd.)
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The opening music is Nathan Lane and Roger Bart doing “Invocations and Instructions to the Audience” from the 2004 revival of The Frogs, and the closing music is Elizabeth Allen singing “Do I Hear a Waltz?” from the original cast recording of… well… you know.
Note: This show was recorded on Monday, Feb 15, but not released until Tuesday, Feb 16 so that The Pride could be reviewed.

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