This Week on Broadway for Jan. 24, 2010: Revivaland



This Week on Broadway for Sunday, January 24, 2010: Revivaland
Present Laughter
American Airlines Theatre
Victor Garber stars as a vainglorious actor who is about to celebrate
his birthday with a trip to Africa, until faced with the kind of
midlife crisis that could only come from the brilliant mind of comic
genius Noël Coward.
Revival time frame? Is 7 years enough?
A View from the Bridge
Cort Theatre
Arthur Miller’s passionate drama stars Liev Schreiber as a Brooklyn
longshoreman; and Scarlet Johanssen as his 17-year-old niece, who
falls in love with a newly-arrived immigrant.
Refugees From a Flop, Broadway Bound Again by PATRICK HEALY
Published: November 22, 2009
Peter’s Column:
The Biggest Lost Song Opportunity in Broadway History
Say A Little Prayer for You added to Promises Promises for Kristin Chenoweth?
Mandy Patinkin doing Compulsion @ Yale Rep
Say Bye Bye to Bye Bye
American Idol Ruined Auditions for America
“Glee” will not save musical theater by Elisabeth Vincentelli
Is Carousel a basis for many great pieces?
‘The 39 Steps’ Dashes Off Broadway
A look before ‘Leap’ by Michael Riedel
Leap of Faith by Alan Menkin gets a backers audition…
Consider that Alan Menkin wrote Sister Act, another gospel musical
Spice Girls by the producer of Mamma Mia…
Musical Theater Dictionary
The opening music is “The Carousel Waltz” from the 1994 revival recording of Carousel
The closing music is Victor Garber singing “Those Were the Good Old Days” from the 1994 revival recording of Damn Yankees.
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