Special Episode: ‘Legally Blonde’ Librettist Heather Hach on the ‘Exquisite Pain’ in ‘The Trouble with Drowning’


On today’s episode, Matt Tamanini is in conversation with screenwriter, librettist, and novelist Heather Hach. While, yes, she wrote the screenplays for “Freaky Friday” and “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” as well as the gripping new novel “The Trouble with Drowning,” for Matt — and likely many of you — most exciting line on her resume is the fact that she wrote the book for “Legally Blonde: The Musical.” 

Before Matt fully geeks out about that fact, he and Heather discuss the emotional twists and turns in the book, especially as it centers on a character struggling with her mental health, the real-life inspiration for some of the characters, whom she would cast in a TV or movie adaptation, and a potential sequel. 

Then, Matt sheds the veneer of professionalism and dives into all things “Legally Blonde” as they discuss the similarities between Elle Woods and the main character in Heather’s book, her frustration with the critics of the original production, and the hopes for a Broadway revival. 

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