Special Episode: David Leopold on the Legacy of Al Hirschfeld


On today’s episode, Matt is in conversation with David Leopold the creative director of The Al Hirschfeld Foundation. The foundation recently released “The American Theatre as seen by Hirschfeld 1962-2002,” the follow-up to the iconic original volume. 

Hirschfeld is also the focus of a special interactive exhibit at the newly opened Museum of Broadway which features Hirschfeld originals, his sketchbooks, and even the chair that he often drew while sitting in. 

David Leopold, the creative force behind both the new book and exhibition “The American Theatre as seen by Hirschfeld,” has spent more than 30 years studying Hirschfeld’s work, the first 13 as Hirschfeld’s Archivist, visiting him in his studio once or twice a week. 

Now the Creative Director for the nonprofit Al Hirschfeld Foundation, Leopold’s previous book, The Hirschfeld Century: A Portrait of the Artist and His Age (Knopf), has been called by The Washington Post, “An instant classic.” Booklist declared, “Leopold emulates the economy and fluidity of Hirschfeld’s drawings in this star-studded, anecdote-rich, critically clarifying, and thoroughly enlightening portrait of the portraits.” 

He has earned rave reviews from audiences around the country for his illustrated presentations on the work of Hirschfeld.

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