Special Episode: Robert W. Schneider on ‘The Bakers Wife,’ Classic Musicals, More


In this episode, Matt Tamanini speaks to old friend Robert W. Schneider, the artistic director of J2 Spotlight Musical Theater Company. The Off-Broadway company presents professional revivals of worthy Broadway musicals; in doing so it provides an opportunity for patrons to re-visit these shows and, in some cases, experience them for the first time. The Company chooses shows that it deems deserving of continued exposure.  

Currently running through March 6, the company is producing the Tony-winning musical “A Day in Hollywood/A Night in the Ukraine” and beginning March 10, they will be presenting Stephen Schwartz’s “The Baker’s Wife” at Theatre Row. 

Matt and Rob discuss the ethos behind the company, how the company casts its shows, Schwartz’s involvement in “The Baker’s Wife,” and much more. 

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