All The Drama: “Anna in the Tropics” by Nilo Cruz, 2003 Winner, Pulitzer Prize for Drama

All The Drama is hosted by Jan Simpson. It is a series of deep dives into the plays that have won The Pulitzer Prize for Drama.


The Pulitzer Prize for Drama: “Anna in the Tropics” by Nilo Cruz

Anna in the Tropics Wikipedia page

Nilo Cruz Wikipedia page

Emily Mann Wikipedia page

“Emily Mann: Rebel Artist of the American Theater” by Alexis Greene

Anna in the Tropics script

“Nilo Cruz” by Emily Mann, Bomb magazine

‘A Conversation with Playwright Nilo Cruz,” Windy City Times

“Clinging to Fantasy Behind Cuban Walls” review by Ben Brantley, The New York Times

“Nilo Cruz’s ‘Anna Karenina’ Lights the Cubans’ Cigars” review by Mel Gussow, The New York Times

“Anna in the Tropics” review by Charles Isherwood, Variety

“Nilo Cruz’s “Exquisita Agonía” and What We Lose Through Dispossession” by Hilton Als, The New Yorker

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