All The Drama: “They Knew What They Wanted” by Sidney Howard, 1925 Winner, Pulitzer Prize for Drama

All The Drama is hosted by Jan Simpson. It is a series of deep dives into the plays that have won The Pulitzer Prize for Drama.


The Pulitzer Prize for Drama: “They Knew What They Wanted” by Sidney Howard

Howard Wikipedia page:

They Knew What They Wanted Wikipedia page:

Original New York Times review of The Knew What They Wanted:

They Knew What They Wanted script:

Pulitzer Prize announcement, New York Times

Berkeley Planet tribute after Howard’s death

Review of 1976 revival: Sidney Howard Play Is Staged by Phoenix

“Sidney Howard and Clare Eames: American Theater’s Perfect Couple of the 1920s” by Arthur Gewirtz,+Arthur&pg=PP6&printsec=frontcover

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