Special Episode: Bryonha Marie Parham on the Joys of ‘Regina Comet’


In today’s episode, Matt is chatting with the titular star of “A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet” Bryonha Marie Parham. In their conversation, Bryonha discusses working with the shows creators – who also happen to be her costars – to develop a fully realized Black woman who is able to show sides of herself not often seen on stage. 

They also discuss why this show is the perfect property for performers and audiences to return to the theatre with, how she is able to bounce between so many different musical theatre styles, and much more. 

“A Commercial Jingle for Regina Comet” just runs through this Sunday, Nov. 21, so get your tickets and head down to the DR2 Theatre before the end of the week, you will not be disappointed. 

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