Special Episode: Carlos Armesto on ‘Odd Man Out,’ storytelling in the dark


On today’s episode, Matt is in conversation with the lead producer, co-director, and dramaturg of one of the most interesting productions in New York City. Carlos Armesto from theatreC discusses the in-person production of “Odd Man Out” beginning performances today at The Flea Theater. This one-of-a-kind production runs through December 4, but it is a live, immersive, audio play performed completely in darkness. 

It begins when “passengers” enter the theater by their flight attendant. Passengers put on their headphones and their blindfolds. From there, the story allows listeners to immerse themselves in the tale of Alberto, a blind musician flying home from New York to Buenos Aires, Argentina after decades of self-exile. As listeners enter Alberto’s story of love, prejudice and fears that were left behind, they experience a 360-surround sound, multi-sensory “journey.”

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