Special Episode: Julia Murney, Liz Flemming on Making a ‘Baby’ for the 21st Century


On today’s episode, Matt is in conversation with not one, but two of the stars of the Off-Broadway revival of Maltby and Shire’s iconic musical “Baby.”

Today he is speaking with the incomparable Julia Murney, who is playing Arlene in the Out of the Box Theatrics production, and Liz Flemming, who is the company’s producing artistic director, and is playing Lizzie. The show begins performances at the incredibly intimate TheatreLab on 36th St. on Nov. 5 and is currently scheduled to run through Dec. 12. 

In the conversation, Julia and Liz talk about working with Richard Maltby Jr. about to bring this distinctly 80s show into the 21st Century, what Julia requires from every audience member when doing a show that is as site-specific and intimate as this one is, Liz discusses OOTB’s mission to include marginalized groups in the company’s shows, and much more.

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