This Week on Broadway for June 27, 2021: And… We’re Back?

Peter Filichia, James Marino, and Michael Portantiere talk about Bruce Springsteen reopening Broadway last night, review of the movie of In The Heights, Peter’s trips to Music Theatre Wichita and The Forward Theater Company (Madison, WI), and Michael’s trip to P-Town which had Broadway at the Beach


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Peter Filichia | [email protected] | Facebook
PETER FILICHIA is a playwright, journalist, and historian with a number of books. His columns appear at Masterworks BroadwayBroadway Select, and many other places.

James Marino | [email protected] | Twitter | Facebook

Michael Portantiere | [email protected] | Facebook
MICHAEL PORTANTIERE is a theater reviewer and essayist. He is the founder and editor of He is also a theatrical photographer whose photos have appeared in The New York Times and other major publications. You can see his photography work at

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Bruce Springsteen Reopens Broadway, Ushering In Theater’s Return by Nick Corasaniti

SPRINGSTEEN ON BROADWAY Will Allow Guests Vaccinated With FDA or WHO Approved Vaccine

Peter: Mirette @ Music Theatre Wichita (Wichita, KS)
Mirette (Wichita Premiere)
June 16-20 @ Century II PAC, Convention Hall

Mirette on the High Wire (book)

Palm Springs Theater?

Michael Lavine

Michael + James: In The Heights (Film) Review

Film info: IMDB | Wikipedia | HBOMax (on HBO Max through July 11)

Broadway info: IBDB | Wikipedia

Peter: Seven Deadly Sins (preview)
The Tectonic Theater Project (Moisés Kaufman, Founder & Artistic Director) and Madison Wells Live production of Seven Deadly Sins, the sexy and adventurous outdoor theatrical experience, coming to New York City’s Meatpacking District begins performances June 22 ahead of a Tuesday, June 29 official opening night. Tickets are available via or via TodayTix at or through the iOS and Android app.

Peter: The Forward Theater Company (Madison, WI)

Michael: P-Town Broadway at the Beach

Peter’s Trivia Section

Michael’s Musical Moment:

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Patreon listeners get This Week on Broadway first, on Sunday afternoon before it is released to the general public on Sunday evening.




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July 4, 2021: This Week on Broadway 1776 Deep Dive
July 5, 2021: Jan Simpson’s 2021 Summer Reading List

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Opening: Champagne from In The Heights (Movie)

Closing: No Me Diga from In The Heights (Broadway)

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