All The Drama: “I Am My Own Wife”, 2004 Winner, Pulitzer Prize for Drama (Preview)

All The Drama is hosted by Jan Simpson. It is a series of deep dives into the plays that have won The Pulitzer Prize for Drama.


The Pulitzer Prize for Drama: I Am My Own Wife

“I Am My Own Wife” Wikipedia page

Doug Wright Wikipedia page

Charlotte von Mahlsdorf Wikipedia page

“I Am My Own Wife” script on Amazon

Audible production of “I Am My Own Wife”

Charlotte von Mahlsdorf memoir on Amazon

“Quills and Other Plays by Doug Wright

Magnus Hirschfeld episode on “Making Gay History” podcast

John Lahr’s review of “I Am My Own Wife”

Trans Actor and Advocate Delia Kropp

Delia Kropp on playing Charlotte von Mahlsdorf

Cancelation of The Warner Theatre production

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