This Week on Broadway for August 23, 2020: Our Favorite Lines

Peter Filichia, James Marino, and Michael Portantiere talk about their favorite lines from plays and musicals


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Peter Filichia | [email protected] | Facebook
PETER FILICHIA is a playwright, journalist, and historian with a number of books. His columns appear at Masterworks BroadwayBroadway Select and many other places.

James Marino | [email protected] | Twitter | Facebook

Michael Portantiere | [email protected] | Facebook
MICHAEL PORTANTIERE is a theater reviewer and essayist. He is the founder and editor of He is also a theatrical photographer whose photos have appeared in The New York Times and other major publications. You can see his photography work at

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Title of Show

Tony Awards Ceremony Will Go Ahead, Online by Michael Paulson
Decision comes after months of uncertainty following a Broadway shutdown that kept many shows from opening.

Marilyn Maye in P-Town

Our Favorite Lines from Plays and Musicals

Gypsy, “I thought you did it for me, Mama.”

Music Man, “One hears a lot about librarians.”

No No Nanette, “No decent woman has $200…”

The King and I, “It is a false lie.”

The Two most Glorious words in the english language

Who is going to write a play about the Conways? (Kelly and George)

PF: Time and the Conways

Are great lines sometimes stolen by lyricists?

Mame: Somewhere between 40 and death

Once in a Lifetime @ ART: stage directions read voice over

Mame: If I kept my hair natural like yours I’d be bald

Kiss Me Kate: Call an ambulance

Kiss Me Kate: I beg your pardon, I was the understudy

Kiss Me Kate: There was a waltz, something about a barre

Annie: The floors.

Fiddler on the Roof: We’re not in America yet

Tzeitel + Golde: you want hair marry a monkey

Forty Carats: People take their cue from you

H2$: Finch –

Damn Yankees: Moody McCoy

H2$: I will have to wait for that pigeon until after he is married

Damn Yankees: But if it was you I was married to…

Even though we are sitting down…
…we are giving you a standing ovation.

The Only Game in Town: Tomorrow it will hurt less.

West Side Story: You came with your legs open

West Side Story: You can start off dancing and end up kneeling

Novelization of West Side Story

Spielberg West Side Story script changes?

Paul Witte: I played Doc in West Side Story as a senior in HS…Shrank asks Doc “Mind?” and Doc says “I have no mind, I’m the village idiot”

Follies: And lie about ourselves a little

Maestro, don’t trust any music over 30

Chicago: Which is fooling around without dinner

Chicago: Liza – And we didn’t get enough love in our childhood

Judy Garland: I’ll sing them all and we’ll stay all night

Recorded in Newark, not Carnegie Hall?


Merchant of Venice: The devil can cite scripture for his purpose

Julius Caesar: If you have tears, prepare to shed them now

Finian’s Rainbow: Immigrants ever since we came to this country

1776: Refresh the missus

Mary Mary: After all this is a free country

Butterflies are Free: So I went the other way and joined the Republicans

Butterflies are Free: This reminds me of something (Apple in Snow White) and I know you are not Snow White

Man and Superman

The Boys in the Band



Peter’s Trivia Section

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