This Week on Broadway for August 16, 2020: The Best (and worst) Titles of Shows

Peter Filichia, James Marino, and Michael Portantiere talk about Best (and worst) Titles of Shows.


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Peter Filichia | [email protected] | Facebook
PETER FILICHIA is a playwright, journalist, and historian with a number of books. His columns appear at Masterworks BroadwayBroadway Select and many other places.

James Marino | [email protected] | Twitter | Facebook

Michael Portantiere | [email protected] | Facebook
MICHAEL PORTANTIERE is a theater reviewer and essayist. He is the founder and editor of He is also a theatrical photographer whose photos have appeared in The New York Times and other major publications. You can see his photography work at

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Street Scene (1931 movie became musical)

Street Scene (musical)

Street Scene (play)

Willow Cabin Theater did Street Scene

William A. Brady, Theater Owner, Producer

Best (and worst) Titles of Shows

Ankles Aweigh

Sixth Finger in a Five Finger Glove

Whose Life is it Anyway


Blood, Sweat and Stanley Poole

Is There Life After High School

This Is Goggle (Bernadette Peters, out of town closing)

She’d had her Equity card for several years already — got it doing a play called ”This Is Goggle,” which was directed by Otto Preminger and mercifully closed out of town.

THEATER; Her Stage Mother, Herself By Jesse Green (The New York Times)

110 in the Shade

Away We Go became Oklahoma

The Firebrand of Florence was originally Much Ado About Love

Here’s Love was an excellent title for Miracle on 34th Street

Anything Goes was an excellent title

West Side Story excellent title (title was Gangway)

Home Sweet Homer (was The Odyssey)

Butterflies Are Free

The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd

Cat and Mouse became Drat, The Cat

Time of the Barracudas (with Elaine Stritch)


Kamala (window card parody of Camelot)

KAMALA! – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody
“Kamala” lyric sung to the tune of “Camelot”
Posted by: PlayWiz 05:42 pm EDT 08/15/20


The Hot L Baltimore

The Sound of Music


Grand Hotel

Mata Hari

Bagels and Yox

Urban Blight

Our Town

The Skin of Our Teeth

Louis the 14

Steve Bell:

Wrong Turn at Lungfish

Aaron Slick from Punkin’ Crick


The Zulu and the Zayda
The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz

Anthony Janicki: GOLDILOCKS was a strange title for a musical that has a very good score and was apparently quite amusing, but the title did a poor job of telling us what the show was about.

Robb Johnston: How about “The Lohman Family Picnic”


Anatol and Me, became The Gay Life, then The High Life

Anthony Janicki: 
ALLEGRO was probably a bad title.

Me and Juliet

Kiss Me Kate

Romeo and Bernadette

The Boys From Syracuse

Peter’s Trivia Section

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