Tell Me More | Episode 47: Nik Walker on Being a Black Artist During this Time of Protest


On today’s episode, Matt speaks with “Ain’t Too Proud” and “Hamilton” star Nik Walker. While Nik is an accomplished performer, writer, and podcaster, much of their conversation focuses around the complicated emotions stirred up by the protests against racial inequality and police brutality that started in Minneapolis, and have sense expanded to every state and major city in America, as well as into countless countries across the globe.

On Fridays, Nik has been hosting live conversations on his Instagram with fellow Broadway stalwart Sasha Hutchings in which they discuss anything and everything as it relates to the violent images that we’ve seen over the past few weeks, the inspiring courage of those that have risked arrest and their physical safety to speak truth to power, what we (individually and collectively) can do to aid in this struggle for equality, and basically anything that is weighing on their hearts.

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