Tell Me More | Episode 44: Lena Hall on Memory and Music, Home Renovations, the Coming Apocalypse


On today’s episode, Matt talks to star of stage, screen, and recording, Grammy nominee and Tony Award winner Lena Hall. 

Earlier this month, she released her latest album “The Villa Satori: Growing Up Haight Ashbury” and next month, her highly anticipated new TV show “Snowpiercer” debuts on TNT. 

Lena and Matt spoke about the long gestation processes for both of these projects; how her parents’ admittedly hippie home led not only to the songs on her new album, but also to the artist she is today; and why she decided to ride her Pelaton bike during a live-streamed reunion of MTV’s “Legally Blonde: The Search for the Next Elle Woods.”

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Watch “Snowpiercer” beginning on May 17 on TNT

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