Tell Me More | Episode 29: Michael James Scott & L. Steven Taylor on Disney Theatrical’s 25th Anniversary


On this episode of BroadwayRadio’s “Tell Me More,” Matt Tamanini talks to the long-time stars of two of Broadway’s most successful musicals, Michael James Scott of “Aladdin” and L. Steven Taylor of “The Lion King.” Both have been with their respective shows for a long time; Scott on and off for more than five years, and Taylor, in one form or another, for large parts of 14 years.

In both conversations, they talk about their specific journeys with their shows, the importance of these beloved Disney properties welcoming new audiences to the theatre, and the challenges in bringing roles to the stage that were created by larger than life legends on the screen.

Scott also talks about how vital it is for anyone who plays the Genie to bring their authentic self to the role, and Taylor discusses the importance of “The Lion King” having an authentic South African perspective for both performers and audiences of color.

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Show Music:
1) Michael James Scott & ‘Aladdin The Musical’ Cast Perform at “Studio 10” on Channel TEN in Melbourne, Australia

2) 5 Year / 5 Genie Medley – ALADDIN on Broadway

3) “Welcome to the Renaissance” from the Original Broadway Cast Recording of “Something Rotten”

4) Disney on Broadway celebrates 25th anniversary with magical mashup on “Good Morning America”

5) L. Steven Taylor – The Circle of Life/He Lives in Me (The Lion King) at Broadway Sessions

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