Tell Me More | Episode 8: Life and Love on the Road with Maggie Lakis and Rob McClure


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No matter how much you love your significant other, chances are that eventually you are going to need some time apart. However, for real-life married couple Maggie Lakis and Rob McClure, that’s not so easy.

That’s because Maggie and Rob play the fictional married couple Bea and Nick Bottom in the first national tour of the hit musical SOMETHING ROTTEN, which comes to Orlando’s Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts from April 24-29.

The hilariously talented couple has not only been together for approaching 13 years, but they’ve been working together fairly regularly for 13 years as well. SOMETHING ROTTEN is the fifth show, and national second tour, that they have been on together.

With the tour coming to a close next month, on this episode of BroadwayRadio’s “Tell Me More,” Maggie and Rob not only discuss SOMETHING ROTTEN, but also what life is like on the road for a married couple, how their years of playing opposite each other have mirrored their own maturation, and much, much more.

To listen to Matts conversation with SOMETHING ROTTEN’s Autumn Hurlbert– who plays Portia– about the company’s trip to THE PRICE IS RIGHT, click here.

To purchase tickets to the show’s run in Orlando, visit the Dr. Phillips Center’s website or call 844-513-2014.

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