‘Some Like it Pop’ Episode 4.5: Matt Saw ‘Hamilton’ and ‘Super’ Disagreements


Hello Pop Culture Celebrants! On this episode of “Some Like It Pop,” BroadwayWorld’s pop culture podcast, Jenn grills Matt on his first experience seeing “Hamilton,” as well as the rest of his recent New York trip. They argue over recent superhero movies, and wrap up the year with a handful of pop culture items that they are grateful for.

Topics Discussed:

Intro: 00:00:03

“Hamilton” and Other Tales of Matt’s New York Trip: 00:02:28

“Thor: Ragnarok” vs” Justice League: 00:33:36

Other Fall TV and Movies We’ve Seen: 00:52:08

Pop Culture Things We’re Grateful for this Holiday Season: 01:00:17

Outro: 01:17:42

For more information about this episode and the shows and topics discussed, check out the “Some Like It Pop” page on BroadwayWorld. We are also available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play, so, subscribe, download, and share “Some Like it Pop”! If you want to join the conversation, reach out on Twitter @SLIPpodcast. Also, Jenn is @EponineQ and Matt is @BWWMatt.

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