On My Way to a B.F.A.: Episode 1.3- On the Technique of Acting with David Watson and Diana Moller-Marino



Natalie Noack

In the third episode of “On My Way to a B.F.A.” Natalie talks to her first two acting teachers at the Hartt School. First she interviews her first semester teacher, David Watson, and she follows up to her current, second semester instructor, Diana Moller-Marino.

With her instructors, Natalie discusses first how they came to teaching, how their experiences inform the techniques that they use in class, and suggestions for students looking to pursue an education and career in acting.

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“On My Way to a B.F.A.” is hosted by Natalie Noack, a freshman in the Musical Theatre B.F.A. program at the Hartt School at the University of Hartford.

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