On My Way to a B.F.A.: Episode 1.1 featuring Annoying Actor Friend Andrew Briedis



Natalie Noack

In the first episode of “On My Way to a B.F.A.” Natalie talks about her college audition process, she discusses picking a program to spend the next four years at with “Annoying Actor Friend,” Andrew Briedis, and she gets the parental perspective of college auditions when she talks to her parents.

Get in touch with Andrew Briedis:

Twitter: @Actor_Friend
Twitter: @AndrewBriedis

Natalie Noack: @Natalie_Noack
BroadwayRadio: @BroadwayRadio | Facebook

“On My Way to a B.F.A.” is hosted by Natalie Noack, a freshman in the Musical Theatre B.F.A. program at the Hartt School at the University of Hartford.

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