This Week on Broadway for October 2, 2016: Bess Wohl


Lindsay Barenz, James Marino, and Jan Simpson discuss talk with playwright Bess Wohl about Small Mouth Sounds and her other work. Peter Filichia and Michael Portantiere join after for reviews of All the Ways to Say I Love You, The Encounter, The Trial of an American President, Nat Turner in Jerusalem, Marni Nixon Memorial, and Taylor Mac’s A 24-Decade History of Popular Music.


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Peter Filichia | [email protected] | Facebook

PETER FILICHIA is a theater journalist and historian with a number of books, his most recent is, “The Great Parade”, available everywhere. His columns appear at MTIMasterworks BroadwayBroadway Select and many other places.

James Marino | [email protected] | Twitter | Facebook

Michael Portantiere | [email protected] | Facebook
MICHAEL PORTANTIERE is a theater reviewer and essayist, whose work appears at TalkinBroadway, Everything Sondheim and BroadwayStars. He is also a theatrical photographer whose photos have appeared in The New York Times and other major publications. You can see his photography work at

Matt Tamanini | Twitter
MATT TAMANINI is BroadwayWorld’s Senior TV and Film Critic and the host of the “Some Like it Pop” podcast, which is available on iTunes and Stitcher. You can connect with Matt on Twitter at @BWWMatt.

Jan Simpson | Facebook | Twitter
Broadway & Me
JAN SIMPSON is Co-director of the Arts and Culture Journalism program at CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism, and also writes for TDF Stages and Playbill

Lindsay Barenz | Twitter | Facebook
Founder and host of the Maxamoo podcast.

Notes and links for the podcast.

Guest: Bess Wohl

Bess Wohl on Twitter


Small Mouth Sounds (show website)


Pretty Filthy from The Civilians

Pretty Filthy (Original Cast Recording @ Sh-K-Boom)


New York City Starts $5 Million Fund for Women in Film and Theater by MELENA RYZIK

New York is set to become the first city in the country with a major municipal program geared toward helping female filmmakers and theater-makers. The Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment is to announce on Thursday a new five-part initiative to promote equality behind and in front of the camera, in film and television, as well as onstage.


Lindsay’s review of Small Mouth Sounds on Maxamoo: MARCH PLAYS: SMALL MOUTH SOUNDS, LIVING HERE, PLACEBO, AND HAND TO GOD




PF: MCC’s production of All the Ways to Say I Love You @ Lucille Lortel Theater, 121 Christopher St

PF: The Encounter @ Golden Theatre, 252 West 45th Street

PF: The Trial of an American President @ The Lion Theatre, 410 West 42nd Street

JS: Nat Turner in Jerusalem @ NYTW

The Last Night of Nat Turner’s Life by JANICE C. SIMPSON

MP: Marni Nixon Memorial @ Playwrights Horizons

— new Sound of Musicals podcast coming this Saturday, October 8, 2016, tribute to Marni

JS: Taylor Mac’s A 24-Decade History of Popular Music @ St. Ann’s Warehouse



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Pretty Filthy (Original Cast Recording)

1. Names
2. What If I Like It
3. Impossible Girls
4. Porn Capitalism
5. The First Video Stars
6. Squirting 101
7. Bobby and Becky and Taylor and Dick
8. Waiting for Wood
9. Porn House
10. Fuck the World
11. Applesauce
12. Beautiful
13. Pretty Filthy

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