This Week on Broadway for January 30, 2011: James Franco is the best thing that has happened to Broadway since…



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The New York Idea
Project Gutenberg: The New York Idea
Waiting for Godot: No More Waiting (from
Speak the speech … Shakespeare’s plays to be performed in 38 languages
Globe theatre to stage all of the Bard’s plays, each in a different language, as part of 2012 Cultural Olympiad
YouTube videos of Shakespeare in the original pronunciation (or “OP”)

The Milk Train Doesn’t Stop Here Anymore
Knickerbocker Holiday
Fascinating Rhythm (Gershwin)
James Franco, who will co-host the 2011 Oscars (he also has his own nomination, will co-star with Nicole Kidman in Sweet Bird of Youth. Get your tickets now.
James Franco on The Daily Show

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James Franco
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Walter Huston singing “The Scars” from Knickerbocker Holiday
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