This Week on Broadway for September 5, 2010: Welcome to the Fall Season



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James Marino
Matthew Murray
Michael Portantiere
Love Never Dies looks like it is not coming in.
No ‘Love’ lost on Broadway — ‘Phantom’ sequel in for repairs amid feud
Tim Rice
David Zippel
Jack O’Brien and Jerry Mitchell full employment project?
Paradise Found – A Lost Cause? [Hal Prince]
Sure to offend and succeed — ‘Book of Mormon’ slays ’em in tryout
Nick and Nora
Out of town?
Young Frankenstein
The Lord of the Rings
Prop 8 support by Mormons
Broadway on Broadway: Sunday, September 12th at 11:30 a.m.
Our Town @ Barrow Street
Yank delay until next fall 2011
A Sondheim-less season? Posted by: Xelawuu87

It looks like the 2010-2011 Broadway Season will be the first in over a decade to not have a Sondheim show OPEN (I say “open” because, WSS and ALNM are still running, but are not part of the 10/11 season).
09/10 – Sondheim on Sondheim; Night Music
08/09 – West Side Story
07/08 – Gypsy, Sunday
06/07 – Company
05/06 – Sweeney
04/05 – The Frogs, Pacific Overtures
03/04 – Assassins
02/03 – Gypsy
01/02 – Into the Woods
00/01 – Follies

It Must Be Him by Simon Saltzman
An experience that’s like watching a third-rate community theater, only we don’t have the pleasure of seeing a relative or neighbor on the stage
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“Mountain Town” from South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut

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