This Week on Broadway for Sunday, March 14, 2010: One Loop



Show notes for This Week on Broadway for Tuesday, March 14, 2010
Note: We had some sound quality issues about 1/2 way through. Don’t worry, it was us and not a problem with your player/computer.
Next Fall
Elton John… producer?
A Tony Award nomination?
A Pulitzer?
A Nobel? 🙂
Dude, Where’s My God? by TERRY TEACHOUT, WSJ Review
Next Fall Theatre Review by Matthew Murray
Leaps of Faith to Transcend Urban Angst by BEN BRANTLEY
Valerie Harper vs Tovah Feldshuh
Discussion: How do theatrical reviewers fit into Broadway today?
Variety and David Rooney
Leonard Jacob’s Clyde Fitch Report
The intro music is “If Ever I Would Leave You” from the original cast recording of Camelot; the exit music is “What Kind of Man?” from the original cast recording of Curtains.
BroadwayRadio’s This Week on Broadway is 1 year old! Thanks Peter and Matthew!!!

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